TikTok Trends 2024: How to Go Viral?

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps for creating and sharing short viral videos. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s a platform you can’t afford to ignore if you want to grow your audience.

The key to viral TikTok trends in 2024 is staying on top of the latest buzz and understanding how to leverage them to create contagious content. Music, effects, challenges, and influencers heavily drive popular trends on TikTok. Trends come and go quickly, so consistently adapting your content strategy is crucial.

In this in-depth article, we’ll overview the top TikTok trends that dominate in 2024 and provide tips to help you make videos that capture attention and go viral.

Best TikTok Trends 2024: How to Go Viral?

Dance Challenges: The Viral Staple on TikTok

tiktok dance challenge

Dance challenges have become ingrained into TikTok culture. Simple choreographed dances performed to popular music have led to massive viral hits like the Renegade, M to the B, WAP challenge, and most recently, TikTok’s “Get Hype” challenge.

The “Get Hype” challenge features creators dancing enthusiastically to the song “Benjamins Deli” by JRitt. It kicked off around October 2022 and has already garnered over 540,000 video creations. The energetic nature of the challenge lends itself to participating with groups, as friends and families create their own versions.

To spawn the next big dance challenge in 2024, come up with fun, easy-to-follow moves that anyone can do. The simpler the dance, the more likely it is to take off virally. Set the dance to a currently trending song or create an original backing track. Consider sounds that have a catchy beat drop or change up that cues the dance moves.

Film yourself and friends performing the full dance routine and post it using relevant hashtags like #dancechallenge or #newdancechallenge.

Encourage viewers to duet or “stitch” your video with their own interpretation of the dance. Collaborate with influencer friends to perform the routine. If the challenge catches on, you’ll start seeing your dance video replicated at scale across TikTok.

Use Creative Effects for Maximum Impact

TikTok’s ever-expanding array of video effects and filters are a goldmine for creative content opportunities. Effects like Photo Booths, Green Screens, and the recent “Invisible Challenge” increase viewer participation and engagement.

The “Invisible Challenge” involved creators pretending to disappear or be invisible using clever editing and the app’s green screen effect. It became a worldwide phenomenon, with over 5 billion views of videos hashtagged #invisiblechallenge.

Trends like these demonstrate the power of embracing effects in an inventive way tailored to your niche. Take time to explore TikTok’s latest effects and find innovative concepts or hooks to incorporate them into your content.

How could you use the newest green screen, AR lens, or editing tool in a funny or compelling video? Think outside the box.

Testing new effects in niche communities can often spark the next viral sensation. But you need to put effort into the entire video concept, not just applying the effect arbitrarily. The effect complements the story you’re telling through the video.

Cooking Up Views with Food Trends

Food is a wildly popular niche within TikTok, evidenced by the over 200 billion views for the hashtag #FoodTikTok. Food trends like dalgona “whip” coffee, pizza pickles, and pancake cereal have individually generated billions of views and led to memorable viral moments.

TikTok food trends offer massive opportunities to get in early if you spot the next craze bubbling up. For example, Baked Feta Pasta exploded in February 2021 after TikTok user @feelgoodfoodie shared her recipe video.

It accumulated over 10 million likes and the videos were replicated at scale by home cooks. @feelgoodfoodie capitalized on the viral trend to grow her audience.

Look at niche food communities on TikTok to find the newest recipe or food item gaining traction. Think about fun twists you could add through crazy ingredient combinations or hacks.

Capture viewers’ appetites while displaying your cooking skills and creativity. Consider challenges like customizing popular Starbucks menu items.

Food content also lends itself well to collaborations with other cooks or brands. Sponsorships with kitchenware and grocery brands help increase visibility. Play into the latest food craze, but add your unique style.

Participate in Viral Tiktok Challenges

Challenges that encourage audience participation and user-generated content are a mainstay of the platform.

When a new challenge goes viral on TikTok, millions of users will quickly create and share their own take on it. Challenges spread rapidly as people engage with the signature hashtags.

Jumping into trending challenges in a timely manner provides huge opportunity for views, but you need to add your own spin. Avoid blatantly copying the generic videos.

For example, when the “100 Squats Challenge” exploded in fitness communities, influencers added excitement by trying squat variations or incorporating resistance bands. Comedy accounts put a humorous twist on the challenge.

Look at your niche and current events for inspiration on challenges to initiate or participate in. Holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day present perfect occasions for themed challenges.

Utilize the viral effects and sounds already discussed to increase the shareability of your challenge content.

Leverage Sounds for Maximum Virality

Browsing TikTok’s trending sounds and music is instrumental for creating viral videos. Popular sounds and song clips are the backbone for many viral trends.

The “Oh No” song popularized by Capone drove a viral TikTok dance. The viral Staircase Creak sound effect is utilized by millions to transition between different scenes. Nostalgic audio clips from childhood movies or TV shows frequently resurge in trends.

Keep an ear out for rising trending sounds and find creative ways to incorporate them into your content. This might involve lip-syncing, using the sound for scene transitions, or as background music. Tools like TikTok’s Creative Center help you discover new music and sounds in your niche.

Pro tip: use timely trending sounds and hashtags around holidays, seasons, or events. Align with topical sounds around Halloween, back-to-school season, or major pop culture movie releases.

Optimize Your Videos for Maximum Impact

Once you’ve created amazing content using the top trends, optimize your videos for maximum visibility:

  • Craft intriguing video titles using clickbait tactics or mystery (“You Won’t Believe What Happens When…”) to entice clicks
  • Hook viewers immediately within the first 5 seconds with eye-catching visuals, sounds, or surprising moments
  • Use niche community hashtags like #BookTok or #GamerTok to reach your target audience
  • Collaborate with influencers in your industry to co-create content and tap into each other’s audiences
  • Share your videos across other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to maximize viewers
  • Closely analyze performance metrics to identify what content types and topics resonate best with your audience
  • Post viral-worthy content frequently and consistently to build authority with the TikTok algorithm

Implementing best practices for optimizing your videos will greatly improve their chances of taking off virally. But it requires diligently tracking metrics and being adaptable as you identify what makes your audience tick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top trends to go viral in 2024?

Dance challenges, viral TikTok effects, food recipes, niche community challenges, and leveraging popular sounds have the best potential for going viral.

How many views do you need to go viral on TikTok?

There’s no definitive view count, but TikTok reportedly categorizes videos that quickly hit 1 million as having gone viral. Focus more on driving engaging interactions through likes, comments, reshares.

What type of content goes viral the most?

Highly shareable and interactive content like viral challenges, effects, dance videos, and participatory recipes achieve the most virality. Videos that tap into niche communities also often gain traction.

How can I make my videos more discoverable?

Use niche hashtags, viral sounds/music, collaborations with influencers, clever text overlays, and eye-catching thumbnails. Strong opening hooks and consistent posting boost discoverability.

How often should I post to increase engagement?

1-2 times per day, especially around peak engagement hours, is ideal. But prioritize quality over quantity, and don’t force it if you lack decent content. Short breaks can help you recharge creatively as well.

Takeaway on How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2024?

Achieving a viral TikTok hit takes effort and perseverance, but the payoff in credibility, viewership, and engagement make it well worth it.

By staying on top of 2024’s top trends and optimizing your strategy, you can create breakthrough content that captivates audiences. Just remember to always keep adapting as new trends emerge on TikTok!